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With Come Back Shack Catering we bring out our grill out and cook on site, so you and your guests get all the smoke-n-sizzle. We staff it, serve it, and clean it up. We provide serving tables and all paper products. For sandwiches, we always bring: Buns (Sesame Seed and Whole Wheat), Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Come Back Sauce, and 4 Kinds of Cheese (Cheddar, Swiss, American, Pepper Jack). We don't require electricity, so we can set up just about anywhere. All you need is a place to sit and an appetite!

Pricing Notes:

There is a $300 minimum for Come Back Shack Catering. There is no travel charge in Watauga County. Beyond Watauga County, the travel charge is $1.50/mi round-trip from our store. Unless you're a government or school account, we ask for $100 deposit by credit card and then charge that same card the balance after the event. Sorry, but we don't cater weddings or wedding rehearsals, and we don't do vendings where we sell to the public. Prices on this website are good for jobs booked 14+ days in advance. Jobs booked less than 14 days in advance may require a surcharge.


How many of each sandwich option would you like us to bring? If you’re not yet sure about your numbers and menu choices, give us your best guess! You can make changes up to 36 hrs before your serve time.
 $5.00 each
 $5.00 each
 $5.00 each
 $5.00 each
 $7.00 each
 $3.00 each
Need help on your numbers? Put in your number of guests and our historical average calculator will give you some help.
Burgers 0
Chicken 0
Garden 0
Hotdogs 0
How many servings of each side item would you like us to bring?
 $1.50 per serving
 $1.50 per serving
 $1.50 per serving
How many servings of each drink would you like us to bring?
We’ll bring the cups and ice if you order drinks.
 $0.75 per serving
 $0.75 per serving
 $0.85 per serving
 $0.85 per serving
 $0.85 per serving
 $0.30 per serving
How many servings of each dessert would you like us to bring?
 $1.50 each
Rich chocolate pudding + Oreo crumbles + Hershey's chocolate syrup, all topped with real whipped cream 
For Locations Outside Watauga Co
 $1.50 per mile
[ $0 ] Total (tax not included)
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Time to Start Serving   (We'll be there about 1.5 hrs ahead to prepare)
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Weather and Cancellation Policy
We do not require cover for our trailer and grill. We do require cover for our serving tables if it is raining. If there is lightning, we will wait to cook and/or unload until it’s over. We do not provide alternate rain dates unless it has been agreed upon when the catering is booked and confirmed. If a job is cancelled at any time, the deposit will not be refunded. If a job is cancelled within 48 hrs of the serve time, Come Back Shack reserves the right to charge 50% of the job.