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 North Fork Farm is a small family cattle farm located in the mountains of western North Carolina. It's a family operation which consists of Jimmy and Sheila Greene and their son Seth, all of whom were born and raised in the High Country of Western North Carolina where they call home.  Cattle have always been a part of their lives, and they pride themselves in having the highest quality of beef available. They raise their cattle without added hormones or antibiotics. They believe in pasture-feeding with some all natural grain, makes just the right flavor in beef. Come Back Shack is proud to support local family farms like North Fork. 

This table reflects the most current information from our suppliers and our most updated recipes. This table does not reflect manufacturer's "shared equipment" or "shared facility" allergy statements. During our normal kitchen procedures, foods may come into contact with any given allergen or with something non-vegan. For this reason we cannot guarantee that any single menu item is completely free of any given allergen or that it has not come into contact with something non-vegan. That said, we'll always do our best to accommodate you!

Menu Item Egg Dairy Gluten Soy Nuts** MSG^ Vegetarian Vegan
Bacon Cheddar Style         *        
Black & Bleu Style         *        
Blackened Seasoning                
Blue Cheese Dressing         *        
Buffalo Style         *        
Burger Patty                
Cajun Style         *        
California Style         *        
Caramel Sauce         *        
Carolina Style         *        
Cheese Sauce                
Chicken Breast Grillled                
Chicken Tenders Fried                
Chocolate Shake                
Coffee Shake                
Cole Slaw         *        
Come Back Sauce         *        
Come Back Style         *        
Crispy Onions                
FGT Style         *        
French Fries                
Fried Green Tomato                
General Tso Sauce         *        
Grilled Onions                
Honey Must. Dressing         *        
Hot Dog Buns         *        
Hot Dog, Nathan's                
Hula Sauce (Teriyaki)         *        
Hula Style         *        
Ice Cream                
Lemon Thyme Vin.                
MushroomSwiss Style         *        
Nutella Shake         *        
Old School Style         *        
Oreo Shake         *        
Pimiento Cheese         *        
Porky Sauce         *        
Porky Style         *        
Purist Style         *        
Ranch Dressing         *        
Reese's Cup Shake         *        
Strawberry Shake                
Sweet Potato Chips                
Texas Toast         *        
Tuna Filet Grilled                
Vanilla Shake                
Veggie Burger Patty         *        
Wheat Buns         *        
White Buns         *        
*Denotes soy from soybean oil in mayonnaise 
**We fry in 100% Canola Oil and do NOT use Peanut Oil
^Denotes foods with MSG added and does NOT account for naturally occuring MSG such as in tomatoes and cheese