COVID-19 Response

At Come Back Shack, our mission is to provide the ultimate restaurant experience to our guests. We believe this starts with a safe restaurant environment. To this end, we are following ALL local and state guidelines for restaurant operations during the pandemic, including occupancy and spacing restrictions. Below are some of the extraordinary measures we have taken:


Team Member Accountability 

  • All Team members are screened upon arrival with a contactless thermometer and a battery of questions related to health symptoms and travel history.
  • Team Members are required to thoroughly wash hands immediately upon entering the building.
  • All Team Members must wear gloves at all times. 
  • Facial coverings are made available to any team member who wishes to wear one.


Industry-Leading Sanitization Standards

  • All high frequency touchpoints in the kitchen are thoroughly sanitized hourly. 
  • All touch points in the dining room are sanitized in a continuous rotation by a designated team member.
  • UVC air sterilizers are installed in all air conditioning units. 
  • Deep cleaning of the entire restaurant is performed nightly. 


Minimized Communal Contact Points

  • Dining Room Doors are propped open when possible to minimize touch points, and there is a one-way directional flow in and out of the dining room.
  • All sinks and paper towel dispensers in the restaurant are now touchless.
  • Paper menus and pencils have been eliminated to reduce contact points. Our menu is available online and can be accessed using QR codes located throughout the restaurant. 
  • New cups are required for drink refills.
  • New tea urns and cup/lid/straw dispenser designs reduce the opportunity for communal contact.
  • Mobile ordering will be available by late May to further reduce the need for face-to-face contact.


Contactless Payment and Service

  • Dining Rooms are equipped with plexiglass dividers at the registers and at the food pickup counter. 
  • Credit and debit transactions in the dining room and drive thru are executed exclusively by the guest with no PINs or signatures required and no contact of the card by our team members. Payment terminals are sanitized after every transaction.
  • Dining Room Cashiers handle payments only. Drive Thru Cashiers handle only payments and completed/sealed bags and drinks. 
  • Guests pick up their orders at the front counter after being alerted by text.